Crash (Simulation), 2019

The sculptures of the series Crash (Simulation) are aftermath: the melted, disfigured afterbirth of our ever-heating world.

The ceramic wheel hubcaps are fed by an utopian imagery of an aftermath after the apocalypse, like a car crashing we are left with fragments from the world that was lost. Broaching the issue of our contemporary condition in a fast accelerating technological environment, the power of capitalism as a network of desire and the blurring line between realities split into the virtual and real.    

Scattered on the floor, the work focuses on speed in modern life. It raises questions of meaning and purpose in times where our surrounding becomes too fast to attach, acknowledge and act in it.

Exhibited at Polansky Gallery Brno, in the groupshow Nightshades, 2019, curated by Christina Gigliotti. 

On view at Nada Miami in December 2019 with Carbon 12 Gallery. 

Crash (Simulation), 2019, glazed earthenware, dimensions variable. Image by David Schönen.