In delirium I wear my body

Studioraum 45cbm Kunsthalle Baden-Baden
20 July – 15 September 2019

Curated by Benedikt Seerieder

For thousands of years the human hand has formed clay and earth to create useful things and to express the inner workings of the mind. Today, however, an essential part of the personal world of experience has shifted to virtual space. The effects of this change are physically perceptible, but often difficult to grasp. Monika Grabuschnigg traces the changing experience of reality by translating processes of the virtual into material ceramics. For the exhibition “In Delirium I Wear My Body” at the Studioraum 45cbm of the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, she creates three new ceramic reliefs reminiscent of bodies – bodies that form freely and de-realize themselves.

- Benedikt Seerieder, 2019

PDF: Full exhibition text in english & german
PDF: Catalogue

Images by Michelle Mantel

The exhibition is supported by Land Vorarlberg and Österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin.

© Monika Grabuschnigg