b. 1987, Austria
Berlin based, represented by Carbon 12.


2021    burned against the rear fender, Lehmann + Silva Gallery, solo, Porto, Portugal. january (postponed to march)

2021    Carbon 12, solo, Dubai, UAE. Opening 15th of march
2021    Nocturnal Correspondence, duo show with Martin Maeller, Lemoyne Project, Zürich, Switzerland. 28.3.-25.4.2021
2021    Johanitterkirche, solo, Feldkirch, Austria. august

2011                  Degree Magistra Artium (MA), Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna, AT
2005 -2011        Fine Arts Studies, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna, AT
2010 - 2011       Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago de Chile, CL
2008- 2009        Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design, Jerusalem, IL

2020    Violent delights, Dock 20 - Kunstraum und Sammlung Hollenstein, Lustenau, Austria.
2020    Gallery Stephanie Kelly, solo, Dresden, Germany.
2019    In delirium I wear my body, Studioraum 45cbm, Kunsthalle Baden-Baden. Germany.
2019    Fantasy electrifies my hand, REITER Galerie, Leipzig, Germany. 
2018    What Satisfaction Could You Possibly Have, Carbon12, Dubai, UAE.
2015    Rest, you restless guardians, Cosmos Gallery. Bilbao, ES

2020    Kunstsalon im Fluc, groupshow, Vienna, Austria.
2020    Incubation highway, online viewing via Cosmos Carl - Platform Parasite.
2020   ....of bread, wine, cars, security and peace, group show, Kunsthalle Wien, Austria.
2020     out of the woods, group show, Carbon 12, Dubai.
2020     not cancelled Daubai, Carbon 12 Gallery, Dubai.
2020     Dancing at the Edge of the World, Sara Zanin Gallery, Rome, Italy.

2019     deep storage, work collaboration with Jake Kent, Sox Berlin, Germany.
2019     The Garden Bridge, Brücke Museum Berlin. Germany.
2019     1046°-1205°, Schau-Fenster das Arty, Berlin. Germany. 
2019     Pina, Gruppenausstellung, Projektraum in Wien, Austria.
2019     Nightshades, group exhibition, Polansky Gallery, Czech Republic. 
2019     Texte sind die wichtigste Nebensache in einer Ausstellung, group exhibition, Schau Fenster, Berlin, DE

2018     Berlin Art Prize Nominees exhibition, The Shelf, Berlin, DE
2018     A Strong Desire, PS120, Berlin, DE
2018     Haptic House, Horse and Pony Fine Arts, Berlin, DE
2018     Public sculpture, mountain art trail, Muttersberg in Vorarlberg, AT. EU- Leader Project
2018     NGORONGORO II, Group show during Berlin gallery weekend
2018     Inside Töpfern, Municipal Gallery Lichtenberg, Berlin, DE

2017     Auf Einladung, Artist House Villa Claudia, Feldkirch, AT
2016     Visceral Silence, Carbon 12, Dubai, UAE
2016     Flight suit, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL
2014     Revealing the concealed, P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL

2018     State museum Vorarlberg, AT
2014     State museum Vorarlberg, AT
2012     The Federal Artothek, Austrian Government Art Collection, Vienna, AT
2011      The Graphic Collection of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, AT

2018     Awardee Berlin Art Prize, 2018, DE
2016     Awardee young artist award, Federal State Government of Vorarlberg, AT

2020    Neustart Kultur, Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn, DE
2020    5x5GO, Project Grant, Federal State Government of Vorarlberg, AT
2017    SoART artist in residence, Millstätter See in Kärnten, AT
             Additional funding by the Federal State Government of Vorarlberg, AT
2016    Va Independent Space for Contemporary Art in Isfahan, Iran. Funded by the Austrian Cultural
              Forum in Berlin and Tehran, the Federal Chancellery of Austria and the Federal State Government of                        
             Vorarlberg in Austria
2016    Funding for Flight Suit at Alfred Gallery in Tel Aviv Funded by the Federal State Government of
             Vorarlberg in Austria and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Tel Aviv, Israel.
2015    Artist Residency, Bilbao Arte Foundation, Bilbao, ES
2015    Studio grant for two years, Federal State Government of Vorarlberg, AT
2014    Project grant, Federal State Government of Vorarlberg, AT
2013    Artist in Residence Exchange at BilbaoArte Foundation, Bilbao, ES Funded by the Federal State
             Government of Vorarlberg in Austria
2005    Scholarship, International Summer Academy for Fine Arts, Salzburg, AT

2019     NADA Miami, Carbon 12, Miami, USA.
2018     NADA Miami, Carbon 12, Miami, USA.
2017     Vienna Contemporary, Carbon 12, Vienna, AT
2017     NADA New York, Carbon 12, New York, USA
2017     Art Dubai, Carbon 12, Dubai, UAE
2016     Vienna Contemporary, Carbon12, Vienna, AT

2020    Et al. Press, Artist edition release
2019     Artist talk mit Su-Ran Sichling, Klasse Honert, HfBK Dresden, Germany.
2017     Open studio & talk with students of Basisklasse of Kunsthochschule Mainz with Prof. Thomas Schmidt in Berlin, Germany.
2016     Public discussion and tour with Kirsten Helfrich (education department KUB)
              to Wael Shawky’s solo exhibition at KUB museum in Bregenz, AT.
2015     We know what‘s hot where and when, Set design theatre play. Directed and written by Amit Jacobi.
              Ufer-studios for contemporary dance, Berlin, DE
2015     Ehevuni - Love me Catalog, Collaboration with Shony Rivnay, single edition, Tel Aviv, IL
2011      Internship MemScreen research project with Ritesinstitute, Vienna.

2020     PW-Magazin, Es geht um Speed, Paula Thomaka
2020     Podcast feature, Kunsthalle Vienna
2020     In conversation, .. of bread, wine, cars, security and peace, Kunsthalle Vienna
2020     Q&A, Distorting Modern Life with Monika Grabuschnigg, Artconnect, Veronica Jonsson
2019     Feature: In delirium I wear my body, KubaParis, Franziska Linhardt
2019     Hedonismus als Hineinsinken
gallerytalk.net, Anna Meinecke
2019     Bodies of work - Tush MagazineText: Hedi Xandt

2018     Numéro Homme Berlin, Fall - Winter 2018, Artists to Watch (print)
2018     Gewinner des fünften Berlin Art Prize stehen fest - Monopol Magazin
2018     Monika Grabuschnigg Wins Berlin Art Prize - Blouin Artinfo
2018     These 20 Female Artists Are Pushing Sculpture Forward - Artsy
2018     Shakespeare, Shelley and Cyberspace - Alserkal Avanue review
2018     Interview with Penny Rafferty, Elephant Magazine

2020   Kunsthalle Wien, ...of bread, wine, cars, security and peace (p62-63)
2019    Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Studioraum 45 cbm, In delirium I wear my body

BIO Monika Grabuschnigg (b. 1987, Austria) completed her M.A. in Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, and studied as an exchange student at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and in Santiago at the Universidad Católica de Chile.

Grabuschnigg focuses in her artistic practice on the feeling of acceleration in an increasingly augmented, anxiety-inducing and commercialized alienating environment. Her work investigates, fragments, and reassembles cultural phenomenons: (technological) symbols are distorted and reconstructed into new narratives, the evidence of searching for an epistemology in a contemporary world in which our physical desires and guiding beliefs are directed and dictated by malign algorithms.

The primary source of Grabuschnigg’s art practice is clay and she consciously uses the tactility that this material transfers; precisely because her works deal with the dialectics of analog and virtual realities. The materiality of clay as a contradiction to a digital age, which is dedicated to the smooth and perfect.

In 2018 Grabuschnigg was an awardee of the Berlin Art Prize and in 2016 she received the young artist award from the Federal State Government of Vorarlberg, Austria. Her works have been collected in the State Museum Vorarlberg, the Federal Artothek in Vienna, and the Graphic Collection of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

Recent exhibitions include: ‘...of bread, wine, cars, security and peace’, Kunsthalle Wien, 2020; ‘Dancing at the edge of the world’, Sara Zanin Gallery, Rome, 2020; ‘In delirium I wear my body’, Studioraum 45 cbm, Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, 2019; ‘The garden bridge’, Brücke Museum, Berlin, 2019; ‘Fantasy electrifies my hand’, REITER Galleries, Leipzig, 2019; ‘What satisfaction could you possibly have’, Carbon 12, Dubai, 2018; ‘Haptic House’, Horse and Pony Fine Arts Berlin, 2018.

© Monika Grabuschnigg